Having loads of FUN at LOST SG


Smiles, laughter, grins, chuckles - the common expressions when players are led out of the game rooms everyday at LOST SG. It’s a fun place to be in, the best escape room in Singapore where you can see so many people enjoying themselves. We are really delighted to see people enjoy our escape rooms so much. While looking [...]

Cosplaying inside Alcatraz Prison

cosplay escape room at LOST SG

LOST SG is famous for its hi-tech escape room Singapore setup, however, did you know that LOST SG also cater for special occasions other than the usual playing of the escape game itself?

 Over here at LOST SG, we have requests coming in on a daily basis and have hosted mini events like wedding proposals, birthday celebrations, [...]

3 Interesting Observations of Companies that had fun at LOST SG


Since the first day of our operations at LOST SG, we have hosted many companies and organizations from the Government and private sector. In addition, we also had schools and social start-ups visiting our humble place at Peace Centre. Despite being one of the newest escape room in Singapore, we are gratified that more 200 [...]

Your First Time Here at LOST SG? Here are some tips!

escape room singapore

Do you remember the first time you rode a bicycle? How about the first time you swam? Ah… The feeling of doing something new for the first time, the caterpillars/butterflies in your stomach. Fear not! We are here to help you get prepared if it's your first time attempting an escape room over here at LOST SG. We can't let you in [...]

Introducing… The New Wall of Fame at Lost SG!!


Shortly after the implementation of our 75 minutes games, we’ve got numerous encouraging comments flooding in! Yes, we hear you and thank you for introducing new friends, families and colleagues to LOST SG. Your continuous support is what keeps us going :) Now that we’ve got: our new glossy industrial floors *blink blink* our [...]

Game masters CNY gathering @ Hideout!

LOST SG escape room lo hei

Hi Lostlings! How did you guys celebrate your Chinese New Year (check out our CNY giveaway!)? Well, our game masters definitely had an awesome one over at Hideout! (Psst.. if you haven’t heard about it, Hideout by Triverge is an amazing place for you to gather, chill, play console and board games! Students can even use the [...]

Coming soon: Brand new wall of fame

Escape Game Singapore

2 weeks into the game duration upsize to 75 minutes, we think now is the right time to make this announcement. As with our previous game duration of 60 minutes, we had a hall of fame for teams who make it out of the rooms within 60 minutes unassisted. We would feature polaroid films of the top 20 groups who made it out the fastest [...]

Some updates at LOST SG!

spot our new look

Hi guys! It's been awhile since we did an update on Highlights at LOST SG so here we are with some updates. During the Lunar New Year break a couple weeks back, we had some minor upgrading works done at our shop. We have new floors! Our spanking new floors now greet us with its charming industrial gloss and we're very happy with [...]

How team building can be fun & enjoyable

team building in singapore

Team Building in Singapore It's no secret that a motivated, coordinated team gets more done than a highly individuated one. A business is, at its heart, a team activity. In the past, when managers took inspiration from Darwin, they emphasized competition within the workplace. The theory was the more the staff resented each [...]