Entering the Japanese suicide forest, Aokigahara

entering-the-jap-suicide-forest3 entering-the-jap-suicide-forest
Ever heard of this spooky forest called “Aokigahara”? Even with the stunning views of Mt. Fuji, or the 10,000-year-old lava caves, Aokigahara was filled up with sadness and desperation because of the forest’s reputation as a beacon for suicidal people.

This time, we are glad to have blogger Grace Chew and her friends challenging themselves to Aokigahara at LOST SG.


A useful tip from Grace:
“Every single object matters! The technologies were meticulously planned too! Shall not dwell too much into it – I hope you’ll get to enjoy it as much as I do. Be creative and observant!”

Hope to see you guys soon at LOST SG! :)