Entering the Japanese suicide forest, Aokigahara


Ever heard of this spooky forest called "Aokigahara"? Even with the stunning views of Mt. Fuji, or the 10,000-year-old lava caves, Aokigahara was filled up with sadness and desperation because of the forest's reputation as a beacon for suicidal people. This time, we are glad to have blogger Grace Chew and her friends challenging [...]

New addition to our photo-taking boards: Happy Birthday!


Is your birthday coming soon? Why not give yourself and your friends a fun experience by heading down to LOST SG for escape games and take group photos together with the brand new 'happy birthday' board? You can check out all the other boards we have over here. We look forward to see you and your friends soon! P.s. Do make a [...]

How to get to LOST SG?


Does "Peace Centre" sounds unfamiliar to you and you have no idea how to get to LOST SG? Fret not, we are here to guide you along! :D       If you are travelling via mass rapid transit (MRT), you can get off at Dhoby Ghaut station and exit via Exit E (fig. 1). You will be able to see glass doors directly in-front, just walk [...]

Have you heard? Our ‘Brainfried t-Shirt’ giveaway is back!


Our extremely relatable, well-loved Brainfried T-Shirt giveaway is back again! After hearing how many of you missed your chance at the previous giveaway we are now having one more! Now is your chance to bring home this adorable, how-I-felt-after-escaping T-Shirt back home! Entry for giveaway ends on 15/07/2016, 2359hrs! Good [...]

LOST SG Bi-Monthly Cohesion

lost sg team gathering

(LOST SG & Hideout family, featuring our extremely shy bosses..) Hey Lostlings! How has your week been? Our enthusiastic and lively game masters definitely had an enjoyable bonding session over a scrumptious steamboat few days ago! Thank you our awesome bosses for the tasty treat in a comfy private dining room! :P We had a [...]

No idea on how to spend your weekend?


Catching a movie, cafe-hopping, singing karaoke... aren't you bored of spending your weekend the same mundane routine over and over again? Why not do something interesting with your loved ones this weekend? We are glad to have blogger Ying Jie and her bunch of friends spending their afternoon with us couple weeks back for some [...]

Flowers for Mom?

flowers for mom?

If you haven't tried LOST SG - the top-rated escape room in Singapore, why not give yourself an unforgettable experience this upcoming Mother's Day?(Psst: you could also check out our recent post on blogger Nicole Choo's first attempt with escape rooms!) As LOST SG loves Mothers as much as you do, we will be giving away [...]

Back to Castiglione castle in 1860’s

At times, work just soaks you up and only some crazy time off with your beloved friends can relieve the tension. In this blog feature, we have Jerlinda from MyFatPocket at LOST SG travelling back in time to the mysterious Castiglione castle as secret agents to recover the missing 12 zodiac heads sculptures. Specially designed for [...]

Nicole Choo’s first attempt with escape room!

nicole choos first attempt at escape room

"You will be blown out of your mind when you try it for yourself & the props are all extremely well done" We were glad to have Nicole Choo over at LOST SG and Hideout as a first-timer with her lovely friends last week. They went ahead taking on the challenge in Exodus, an entry level room where our energetic game masters would [...]

Announcement: Change in Operating Hours on 12 April 2016 (Tues)

escape room singapore

Hey Lostlings! How was your weekend? We hope you guys are having a fabulous week so far! ;) After holding many successful corporate team building events here at LOST SG for the past few weeks, it's finally our turn to hold our very own bi-monthly team cohesion tomorrow our crew needs some bonding fun too!! There would be a [...]